About us

At RATEL, we are strong advocates of the environment, and believe that all products should be developed with the environmental conservation in mind. Our products are designed to improve our clients' lives, but with environmental conservation at their core. We are committed to delivering a wide range of durable, hygienic and easy to clean bathroom products, which produce a minimal effect on the environment.

Providing environmental-friendly quality products is at the core of our business. From sourcing to the delivery of our products, we strive to ensure quality is guaranteed. We only source from the best to ensure that we offer you the best. Our suppliers use the most advanced technology to produce the best products in the market, which will give your bathroom the sophisticated look that you've always been yearning for.

Do you yearn for the modern sophistication or the conventional look in your bathroom? We've got you covered with the contemporary suit, shower panel systems, and the waterfall taps, which give your bathroom a sophisticated modern look. For the traditional touch, we have some well-designed faucets, freestanding bathtubs, and the immaculately designed Victorian style. We cannot wait to guide you through our collection to enable you to choose what best suits your taste.

We strive to offer you a great design at affordable prices. We believe that you do not have to break the bank to obtain that unique look for your bathroom. Our products are not only designed to give your bathroom that new unique look or optimal functionality, but also to leave you feeling that you got value for your money.